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          2. Corporate Governance

            Micron supports the recent corporate governance initiatives of the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC and Securities and Exchange Commission. We believe that the implementation of procedures and policies that address corporate accountability, integrity, and transparency will help improve investor confidence. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Compliance Hotline emphasize the importance of these principles.

            Micron's Board of Directors has a standing Audit Committee, a standing Finance Committee, a standing Governance and Sustainability Committee, and a standing Compensation Committee. The Board has determined that the members of these committees satisfy the independence requirements of applicable federal laws and the listing standards of the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC.

            Persons wishing to communicate with the nonemployee directors as a group may email Mr. Switz, our Chairman, at chairman@micron.com.

            Governance Documentation

            Articles of Incorporation

            This is a restated version of Micron Technology, Inc.’s Certificate of Incorporation.

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            Micron Technology, Inc.'s bylaws — amended and restated as of Jan. 16, 2020.

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            Governance Guidelines

            Corporate Governance Guidelines for Micron Technology, Inc.

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            Policies and Programs

            Business Continuity

            Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

            Compliance and Ethics Program and Hotline

            Conflict Minerals

            Diversity and Inclusion

            Environment, Health, and Safety

            Human Rights


            Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct

            Slavery and Human Trafficking

            Supply Chain



            Audit Committee

            The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors comprises Robert Bailey, Steven Gomo and Mary Pat McCarthy. Mr. Gomo is the Chairperson of the Audit Committee.

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            Compensation Committee

            The Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors comprises Richard Beyer, Robert Switz and MaryAnn Wright. Mr. Switz is the Chairman of the Compensation Committee.

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            Finance Committee

            The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors comprises Robert Bailey, Steven Gomo, Mary Pat McCarthy, and Sanjay Mehrotra. Ms. McCarthy is the Chairperson of the Finance Committee.

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            Governance and Sustainability Committee

            The Governance and Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors comprises Richard Beyer, Robert Switz, and MaryAnn Wright . Mr. Beyer serves as the Chairman of the Governance and Sustainability Committee.

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